15th – 17th June 2022 | Kursaal | Donostia - San Sebastian | Europe

Health & safety protocol

Requirements to travel to Spain

Before travelling and in order to know about the restrictions in force, please, check all the information about the requirements to travel to Spain in the following link: https://travelsafe.spain.info/en/

Requirements during your stay in San Sebastian

These are the health and safety measures adopted to ensure your safety during the congress. These measures are in accordance with the protocols established by Osakidetza. The measures were updated on April 22, 2022 and are subject to change as the recommendations of the health authorities evolve.

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Technical secretariat

Lankor has obtained the Safe Tourism Certified seal created by the Spanish Tourism Quality Institute (ICTE). This seal is the mark of guarantee and certification of implementation of the Health Risk Prevention System against COVID-19.

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Official venue of the conference

Following the recommendations and guidelines of the health authorities, and once the risks have been identified and analysed, Kursaal has implemented protective measures in their services and facilities, in order to reduce the risks of exposure to the coronavirus as much as possible and thus guarantee the safety and health of people, both visitors, customers and technical staff.

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Basque health service

Osakidetza is the Basque Health Service, in charge of the public health care system in the Basque Country, Spain.

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1. Access, entries and exits

  1. Signage of hygiene and safety recommendations for all visitors.
  2. Hydroalcoholic gel dispensers available.

2. Auditoriums and in the exhibition area

  1. Capacity control according to the capacities of each room.
  2. Standardization of security and hygiene measures for all the speakers and technicians of the auditoriums.
  3. Ventilation and air conditioning systems with sanitizing filters.
  4. Specific signage with hygiene and safety recommendations.
  5. Hydroalcoholic gel dispensers available.
  6. Staff dedicated to managing visitor flows.
  7. Permanent cleaning and disinfection of common areas.
  8. Constant cleaning and sanitizing of toilets.

3. Catering service

  1. Temperature control for catering staff.
  2. Food and drinks cooked, prepared and served according to ICTE regulations.
  3. Table areas adapted to current social distancing regulations.

4. Transport service

  1. It is mandatory to wear a mask while using public transport.
  2. Daily general cleaning and disinfection. Antiviral cleaning after each service.
  3. Drives provided with the necessary IPE (Individual Protection Equipment).
  4. All passengers must be properly seated.
  5. Eating, drinking, or conducting any other activity that involves removing your mask is strictly prohibited.


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